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 American Medical Equipment has been family owned and operated since 2003. We offer a wide range of Durable Medical Equipment and Orthotics to help patients reduce pain and improve activities of daily living. We want to help our patients enhance the quality of their lives within the comfort and convenience of their own home. Our goal is to meet and exceed the needs and expectations of our patients and their family! 

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We accept many insurance providers including Medicare, Medicaid, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Meridian and more.  We can help you get your equipment at little to no cost to you!

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Everyone from the president to the delivery technicians are trained professionals who want to help so don’t hesitate to call if you have any questions! 

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Back Braces

We have back braces that help with the following problems and more:

Chronic Lower Back Pain

Post-surgical stabilization

Stable, non-displaced spinal fractures (L2-L5)

Spinal stenosis

Herniated discs

Degenerative spinal pathologies



Spinal stenosis

Herniated discs

Degenerative spinal pathologies


Knee Braces

We have a wide range of knee braces to help with different types of pain.

We have some braces that help with the degeneration of knee cartilage makes the lower leg bend either inward or outward, resulting in compaction (bone-on-bone friction). Using 3-point leverage, an OA brace applies gentle pressure to the side of the knee, helping to reduce pain and restore mobility.


Other Equipment

We have a wide range of equipment to help reduce pain and help enhance your quality of life. Please give us a call so we can discuss your equipment options or stop in our office to see us!

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Please contact us directly with any questions, comments, or scheduling inquiries you may have.

Feel free to fax any documents to (866) 593-7841 

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